Wushu is a Chinese term that literally means "martial arts".
It is also well-known as Kung Fu/ Gongfu. Wushu has two
aspects. Wei Gong, means "external practice" and refers to
movements that everyone can see. Nei Gong, means "internal
practice" and is the training of both Qi and internal power.
This is actually the driving force of external movements.

Taijiquan and Bagua Zhang also belong to Wushu. In ancient
times, Chinese practiced Wushu for maintaining good health,
self defense, and/or strengthening the connection between
heaven, earth and humanity. In modern society, people learn
Wushu to gain a skill in life and also do it as a hobby in
their spare time. Some people also learn it as a self-defense.

Li Jing suggests that a person not just be fascinated by the
fighting techniques of Wushu and by the beautiful external
movement; but also understand that it is very important
to know the ancient Chinese philosophy inherent in Wushu.
This is the morality of the art:

(Shao Lin) sword


Respect each other and the nature around us
Maintain inner peace
Live in harmony with the others
Be humble and righteous

Edited by Paul Rischard

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