An original form of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan),
Taiji Shen Gong is a system of qigong composed
of three sections; Heaven, Earth, and Humanity.
It is developed in Yuan dynasty by Master
Yuan Zhong. According to the Master, this
arrangement demonstrates the history of the
universe. Through the practice of Taiji Shen Gong,
it is possible to better understand Nature, and
through one's appreciation of Nature, the movement
itself can be fully comprehended. "With the practice
of this form, you merge with Nature and build better
health through the transformation of yin and yang,"
Master Li Jun Feng explains.

Taiji Shen Gong


The movements of Taiji Shen Gong have a special flavor
and rhythm.Movements are sometimes fast and sometimes slow.
This form does not only
benefit one`s health, but also lead one to a harmonious

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(performed by Li Jing)
(performed by Master Li Jun Feng)