Taiji Chuan (Taiji Quan) is an internal Chinese
martial art often practiced for health reasons.
Taiji Chuan is typically practiced for a variety
of other personal reasons: its hard and soft
martial techniques, demonstration competitions,
health and longevity. Consequently, a multitude
of training forms exist, both traditional and
modern, which correspond to those aims.

Yang Style Taji Chuan


Today, Taiji Chuan has spread worldwide.
Most modern styles of Taiji Chuan trace their
development to at least one of the five traditional
schools: Chen, Yang, Wu/Hao, Wu and Sun. The origins
and creation of Taiji Chuan are a subject of much
argument and speculation. However, the oldest
documented tradition is that of the Chen family
from the 1820s.

Li Jing started to practice Taiji Chuan at the age
of 14. She was one of the Beijing Wushu team athletes.
Li Jing has learned Chen style Taiji Chuan from Master
Feng Zhi-Qiang and Gao Fu. Zhu Tian-Cai is her master,
he taught her Chen style Taiji sowrd. Jing learned Yang
style Taiji Chuan and sword from Master Liu Gao-Ming,
Ye Shu-Xiun and Professor Li De-Yin. Master Li Bing-Ci
taught her Wu style. Professor Zhang Ji-Xiu taught
her Sun style Taiji Chuan.


Master Zhu teaches Li Jing
Cheng Style Taiji Sword