Most importantly, the third function is to open the heart,
allowing the practitioner to merge with the Universe -
the origin of life.
Unconditional love then pours into and purifies the heart,
bringing harmony and peace to the individual and to society.
These three functions guide the practitioner back to the natural
state of pure happiness.
They enable one to see the full picture and receive the essence
of life. Today our lives are very complex. Through the calming
practice of Sheng Zhen Gong, a person's attitude toward life can
change. With a peaceful heart filled with love, conflict resolutions
emerge from the inside. With enhanced clarity one can address
the root causes of problems, not just the outward symptoms.
The movements of Sheng Zhen Gong are elegant and graceful,
each one containing a deep meaning and a profound contemplation.
As well as standing and sitting moving meditations, there are
also non-moving forms.

Sheng Zhen Gong -
 Heaven Nature Gong 


There is even a lying down, non-moving form that can be practiced
in your bed.

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Sheng Zhen - Heaven Nature Gong
What is Sheng Zhen Gong ?
Sheng Zhen Gong - Heart Spirit as One
Sheng Zhen - Healing Gong

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