Nine Turns (Lying Qigong)

Jiu Zhuan Zhen Dan (also called Nine Turns)
is a form of qigong of the Sheng Zhen Gong system,
it can be practiced while lying down or by sitting down.
Nine Turns lying qigong does not involve physical movement.
The practitioner uses the mind to direct the vital energy (qi)
to circulate throughout the body. This practice benefits
both physical and mental health and allows the practitioners
to experience "peace of heart"

Functions of Nine Turns:
· Use the heart-mind to stimulate the flow of qi,
  to remove physical and emotional blockages
· Promote the balance of qi (Yin and Yang in the body)
· Strengthen immunity
· Reduce body pain
· Calm the heart and mind, reduce stress and anxieties,
  balance emotions
· Help alleviate sleep disturbance
· Improve blood circulation

Due to the fact that Nine Turns is "a lying down"
qigong meditation, it can easily be practiced by those
who are physically impaired. The majority of practitioners
report that Nine Turns allows them to fall asleep easily,
because they are able to relax the body and mind quickly.
This is good news for people with sleep disorders. Still,
the higher goal of Nine Turns is to enter
a tranquil state while awake, and within the deep relaxation,
to promote the circulation of qi and blood, so that both
flow freely in the body without any blockages.
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